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Clear Braces

The Invisible Option for Adults and Teens.

What are clear braces?

Clear orthodontic trays provide excellent tooth straightening ability with the convenience of a removable, clear orthodontic trays.  Avoid traditional metal wire bracket systems.

Adults love clear aligners because they can straighten their teeth without other people knowing they’re wearing braces at all. We love them because it helps our patients improve their oral health.

Each set of aligners snaps over your teeth and uses mild pressure to reposition them. That’s right: no brackets or wires necessary! Just change out your trays as prescribed (usually every two weeks,) and you’ll see your smile straighten up in a matter of months.

Once your treatment is completed, you can maintain the results with a customized set of clear retainers that keeps your teeth in place for years to come.

Removable Clear Braces are Easy to Care For

If you’ve been contemplating getting braces to straighten your teeth, but you don’t like the idea of how difficult they are to keep up with, removable aligners like ClearCorrect are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

When you wear ClearCorrect, you can:

  • Eat anything you want, because your aligners are removable. Just take them out during meals to enjoy all of your favorite foods. There are no brackets to break off.
  • Brush and floss your teeth with ease. Removable ClearCorrect orthodontics help you improve your oral hygiene by making it easy to clean your teeth during the process.
  • Whiten your teeth at the same time. Did you know that your aligners can double as bleaching trays?
  • Enjoy fewer, shorter trips to the dentist’s office. No, you don’t need a referral to an orthodontist in Spokane. 5th Avenue Dental dental can complete your entire ClearCorrect treatment in our Spokane office.

Getting ClearCorrect is easy when you don’t have to spend hours in the orthodontist’s office. They conveniently fit into your busy work or professional schedule and only require brief check-in visits at our Spokane practice. Most adults find they rarely have to take off work, because 5th Avenue Dental opens as early as 7am during the week.

Plus, you never have to mess with gooey impressions. We take all of our scans digitally, for higher accuracy and no tickle in the back of your throat!