PNW Dentistry


Our offices are contracted with most dental insurance plans.  

Be confident in your coverage

Knowing and understanding your coverage can be confusing and complicated.  Nobody likes to get a surprise bill or statement.  Feel free to call us to verify your coverage and to receive an estimate for procedures you may need.

Other options we provide

We strive to make care as affordable as possible.  For those who do not have traditional insurance, we offer three excellent options:

  1. Kleer:  Our in house discount plan
  2. Care Credit: For higher limits and longer terms
  3. Payment Plans: For shorter limits and shorter terms

Dental Insurance and the Care you Need

We are always trying to provide the best care for you and your family in our offices.  There are times when your insurance does not or will not provide coverage for the services you need.  Every treatment plan is based on need, patient desire and oral conditions and optimal health, regardless of your dental insurance carrier or limitations.

In the event that insurance does not cover your needed procedures we strive to notify you in advance.